How It All Started!

Time Out began with the concept of a place of clean entertainment and good quality food at low prices for students, families and busy executives of Dhaka city.

On 5th November, 2000 Time Out was launched by two sisters Sangita Ahmed and Samina Salman. With a lot of encouragement and help from their husbands, H.A.R Jewel and Salman Masud, the name Time Out was decided upon, depicting the concept of respite from the busy schedules of city life.

On the old premises of where Pink City Shopping Mall was later built, Time Out, a small 100 square feet shop was decorated in 2 weeks with seating for just15 people. Gulshan two is one of the areas of the popular haunts for the hip and trendy of Dhaka city. An old cook from the Mirpur Bihari Camp was found and convinced to move in to nearby Kalachandpur. It was a family venture, where our entire families would put in a helping hand after work hours!

Our motto was “good food, comfort zone at amazing value”.

Within eleven months, Time Out became the “in” place to hang out and cool off.

On the 3rd of March 2005 Time Out moved to new premises at plot 10, Road 23, Gulshan 1 at Arushi Food Court and Mini Bazaar, a very successful project of Bangladesh Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Sangeeta Khan joined Sangita Ahmed and Samina Salman in the forward journey of Time Out.

The threesome made the perfect combo and there was no looking back!

Whats so Special About Us?

Our cuisine consists of delicious Thai, Mexican, South Indian and Bangladeshi items. Recently we have added succulent sizzling steaks to our menu, which has become a big hit with Time Out lovers. All food is cooked upon order but the 20 minute wait does not deter our guests from queueing up at all hours of the day, because we make it worth the wait.

In September 2010 we opened our second branch of Time Out at Road 19A, House 65/E Banani, Dhaka. With larger premises accommodating 100 guests at a time, we have a steady flow of clientele from day one. Today, Time Out has tremendous goodwill in the culinary market, and is one of the most popular places for food lovers.

The Happening Café:

Time Out encourages amateur as well as professional singers, poets , comedians, musicians etc to perform either voluntarily or for a small honorarium, once a month on a weekend. It is the ideal place for hanging out with friends, birthday parties, anniversaries or business lunches. The atmosphere is of warm, friendly informality. Time Out is the “Hip and Happening place”

We give something back to society:

In addition to doing good business and making good profit, we do carry out our commitment towards society and our country.

A percentage of our net profit is divided equally among our staff at the end of each month. This makes them share holders of the restaurant and they are highly motivated. At the end of each month all accounts are shown to the staff as they are part of the team, All facts are shared regarding new policies, accounts, allowances etc. Time out runs on teamwork as we know that our staff are behind our success. Staff meetings are held each month where our workers give their inputs as to how to improve service and sales. We believe that if the food is good, service warm and prices low, success is a sure shot. We provide profit sharing facilities, food allowances, medical treatment costs and regular salary reviews on performance in addition to yearly increases. Our staff turnover is almost nil as hardly anyone leaves once they are employed at Time Out.


In November 2000 we had started with a staff of four. In 2011, we are a dynamic team of 50. All our staff, including our eight cooks were simple unemployed youth mainly from the villages. They received extensive personalized professional training from Time Out and are now on their way to a bright future.

From 2000 to 2011, through pure love for Time Out and honesty and integrity, The three women, Sangita, Sangeeta and Samina have earned tremendous goodwill in the service sector which is beyond a price tag.

Future Plans:

We have plans to open branches in Dhanmondi, Uttara in Dhaka, Chittagong, Cox;s Bazaar, Sylhet by 2014 to cater to the huge population all over the country.